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To inspire girls and young women worldwide to dream big, and achieve more – especially in the fields of aviation and STEM.

The number of women in the aviation field today is staggeringly low, and one of the reasons — according to the Teaching Women to Fly Research Project — is that “Girls need to see living aviation female role models.

Dreams Soar was founded by just such a role model — an ordinary young woman who, by virtue of her upbringing, achievements, and near-term goals — is actually extraordinary. Shaesta Waiz was born in Afghanistan and emigrated to the United States as a young girl with her parents and five sisters. They lived in a poor school district, and Shaesta assumed if she was lucky enough to graduate, her next stop would be early marriage and motherhood… but never a career, and certainly not as a pilot!

A series of positive inflection points changed that trajectory, and today she’s not only the first in her family to have a college degree, she also has a master’s degree an is about to embark on what may be the last piston powered solo flight around the world to inspire other “ordinary young women” that they too can fly – either literally as a pilot, or in reaching for dreams they never thought before that they deserved.

Female Pilots by Percentage

U.S. General Aviation Pilots0%
Airline Pilots Worldwide0%
New U.S. Private Pilots (2016)0%


Funding a round-the-world solo flight to encourage females to enter aviation and STEM careers.

Organization and Mission

Dreams Soar is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the United States. While certainly our larger desire is to inspire anyone to achieve their dreams (because at-risk youth come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities), our core mission is to inspire women to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields of study and careers.

Immediate Goal

To fund and launch a round-the-world solo piston powered flight, piloted by Shaesta Waiz, with outreach and events at each of the stops around the world, with a focus on girls and young women. May 6, 2017, 14:00 local is go-time, check out the route, which after launch will be live-updated courtesy of our sponsor Flight Aware!

Why Fly Around the World?

Not only is aviation chock-full of these types of careers, but it’s a natural dream of flying that inspires both literally and metaphorically… and what better way to achieve this in what may well be the last piston-powered solo flight around the world? By not only a  young woman, but precisely the type of person we seek to inspire?

Who Will Be Changed and Why

The free lunch recipient with no college and few high school graduates in her family, but studies hard on her own. The bright young Indonesian girl who knows only poverty and a dismissal of education for women. The 20 year old who loves being a mother, but also needs to achieve for her family. These are the young ladies who will see Shaesta and understand – “if she can do it, I can do it!”

The Difference It Will Make

Girls and young women will be inspired to pursue more education, potentially entering a STEM field or even becoming a pilot. Even if they delay marriage and motherhood long enough to start a business, or have a career they can resume, this has gone a tremendous distance towards improving not only their lot in life – but that of everyone surrounding them.

Why It’s Important
  • The world is helped by productivity and positive leadership by all people – and the world is over half women
  • A majority of women globally don’t feel encouraged to achieve anything but motherhood
  • STEM promotes logic and leadership
  • Dreams Soar will encourage women to achieve – in anything they desire, but especially STEM