About Us

Help shape the future for girls and young women in aviation and STEM


Now that it’s “mission accomplished” on our round-the-world solo flight to encourage females to enter aviation and STEM careers, we’re embarking on our second journey of outreach programs and funding scholarships for girls and women.

Organization and Mission

Dreams Soar is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the United States. While certainly our larger desire is to inspire anyone to achieve their dreams (because at-risk youth come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities), our core mission is to inspire women to enter STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields of study and careers.

First Goal Complete!

DONE! We launched a round-the-world solo flight, piloted by the youngest woman to do so in a single engine airplane. Shaesta Waiz’s solo flight was May 13-October 4, 2017, with Outreach at 17 of the 30 stops around the world, with a focus on inspiring girls and young women to enter STEM.  Check out the route, and even better, the outreach events!

Next Goal: Scholarships

Scholarships make dreams reality for the less privileged, offering the promise of a better future if they are willing to work for it. Girls and young women will be inspired to pursue more education, potentially entering a STEM field or even becoming a pilot. It’s not overreaching to say girls’ education is a linchpin to building a more peaceful world.

Why Did She Fly Around the World?

Shaesta flew around the world inspiring thousands of girls and young women, because not only is aviation chock-full of STEM careers, it’s a natural dream of flying that inspires both literally and metaphorically, and what better way to achieve this in what may well be the last piston-powered solo flight around the world? By not only a young woman, but precisely the type of person we seek to inspire?

Who Was Changed and Why

The free lunch recipient with no college and few high school graduates in her family, but studies hard on her own. The bright young Indonesian girl who knows only poverty and a dismissal of education for women. The 20 year old who loves being a mother, but also needs to achieve for her family. These are the young ladies who saw Shaesta and understood – “if she can do it, I can do it!”

Why It’s Important
  • The world is helped by productivity and positive leadership by all people – and the world is over half women
  • A majority of women globally don’t feel encouraged to achieve anything but motherhood
  • STEM promotes logic and leadership
  • Dreams Soar will encourage women to achieve – in anything they desire, but especially STEM