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Our mission is to inspire the next generation of STEM and aviation professionals.

The number of women in the aviation field today is staggeringly low, and one of the reasons — according to the Teaching Women to Fly Research Project — is that “Girls need to see living aviation female role models.

Introducing Shaesta Waiz and Dreams Soar

Waiz, the first civilian female pilot from Afghanistan, seeks to empower the next generation around the globe in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as she makes a historic solo flight around the world. Along the route, Waiz will team with inspiring women, and together they’ll host outreach events focused on careers in STEM fields.

The initiative will encourage women worldwide to believe in themselves and to allow their dreams to soar.

Here are the facts.

Airbus A380

There are only about 450 female airline captains worldwide.

All could be seated on a single Airbus A380.

Source: The International Society of Women Airline Pilots

Only 6% General Aviation pilots in U.S. are women.

Only 6% General Aviation pilots in U.S. are women.

Source: Federal Aviation Administration

Only 0.6% airline pilots worldwide are women.

Source: Boeing and The International Society of Women Airline Pilots

Anticipated increase of U.S. STEM jobs over next decade.

U.S. STEM jobs are anticipated to increase by 17% over the next decade.

Only 24% of U.S. STEM professionals are women.

Only 24% of U.S. STEM professionals are women.

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

Women in STEM fields earn 33% more, on average.

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