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Dreams Soar’s historic global solo flight departed 13 May 2017 and returned 04 Oct 2017 to Daytona Beach (KDAB).

The Dreams Soar route final count included 30 stops in 22 countries on five continents totaling almost 25,000 nm flown, with 32 outreach events inspiring over 3,000 young girls and boys to reach for the stars with STEM. Each stop was strategically selected based on the need for STEM outreach.

Check out the entire route below, or click Global Solo World Chart, to see the what occurred at each stop.


From To Distance
KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida KCMH Columbus, Ohio 699 nm
KCMH Columbus, Ohio CYUL MontréŽal, Canada 473 nm
CYUL MontréŽal, Canada CYHZ Halifax, Canada 458 nm
CYHZ Halifax, Canada CYYT St. Johns, Canada 477 nm
CYYT St. Johns, Canada LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal 1,822 nm
LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal LECU Madrid, Spain 1,086 nm
LECU Madrid, Spain LIEE Cagliari, Italy 705 nm
LIEE Cagliari, Italy LGAV Athens, Greece 792 nm
LGAV Athens, Greece HECA Cairo, Egypt 622 nm
HECA Cairo, Egypt OBBI Manama, Bahrain 1,166 nm
OBBI Manama, Bahrain OMDB Dubai, UAE 314 nm
OMDB Dubai, UAE OOMS Muscat, Oman 204 nm
OOMS Muscat, Oman VOML Mangalore, India 1,187 nm
VOML Mangalore, India VCBI Columbo, Sri Lanka 522 nm
VCBI Columbo, Sri Lanka VTSP Phuket, Thailand 1,175 nm
VTSP Phuket, Thailand WSSL Seletar, Singapore 592 nm
WSSL Seletar, Singapore WADD Bali, Indonesia 944 nm
WADD Bali, Indonesia YPDN Darwin, Australia 965 nm
YPDN Darwin, Australia YBCS Cairns, Australia 916 nm
YBCS Cairns, Australia NWWM Noumea, New Caledonia 1,246 nm
NWWM Noumea, New Caledonia NFFN Nadi, Fiji 692 nm
NFFN Nadi, Fiji NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa 713 nm
NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati 1,246 nm
PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii 1,331 nm
PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii KHWD Hayward, California 2,119 nm
KHWD Hayward, California KDVT Phoenix, Arizona 632 nm
KDVT Phoenix, Arizona KAUS Austin, Texas 816 nm
KAUS Austin, Texas KBTR Baton Rouge, Louisiana 346 nm
KBTR Baton Rouge, Louisiana KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida 558 nm
Total: 24,816 nm
Join us in empowering the next generation by supporting our Dreams Soar Global Scholarship fund!