The Route

The Dreams Soar route includes approximately 28 stops on five continents. Each stop is strategically selected based on the need for STEM outreach. Inspiring women who are in the STEM field will be featured in these events, promoting STEM education around the world. The total distance for the journey is 24,805 nautical miles.

Launch date for Spring 2017 will be published soon!

From To Distance
KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida KCMH Columbus, Ohio 655 nm
KCMH Columbus, Ohio CYUL Montréal, Canada 521 nm
CYUL Montréal, Canada CYYT St. Johns, Canada 876 nm
CYYT St. Johns, Canada LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal 1,374 nm
LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal LECU Madrid, Spain 1,023 nm
LECU Madrid, Spain EGTF Fairoaks, England 673 nm
EGTF Fairoaks, England LIRA Rome, Italy 789 nm
LIRA Rome, Italy HECA Cairo, Egypt 1,150 nm
HECA Cairo, Egypt OMDW Al Maktoum- Dubai, UAE 1303 nm
OMDW Al Maktoum- Dubai, UAE VABB Mumbai, India 1045 nm
VABB Mumbai, India VECC Kolkata (Calcutta), India 901 nm
VECC Kolkata (Calcutta), India VTBD Bangkok, Thailand 868 nm
VTBD Bangkok, Thailand WSSL Singapore Seletar, Singapore 772 nm
WSSL Singapore Seletar, Singapore WIHH Jakarta, Indonesia 494 nm
WIHH Jakarta, Indonesia YPDN Darwin, Australia 1,469 nm
YPDN Darwin, Australia YBCS Cairns, Australia 906 nm
YBCS Cairns, Australia NFFN Nadi, Fiji 1,818 nm
NFFN Nadi, Fiji NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa 715 nm
NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati 1,258 nm
PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati PHKO Kona, Hawaii 1,064 nm
PHKO Kona, Hawaii PHTO Hilo, Hawaii 57 nm
PHTO Hilo, Hawaii KSEE El Cajon, California 2,184 nm
KSEE El Cajon, California KDVT Phoenix, Arizona 252 nm
KDVT Phoenix, Arizona KBEC Wichita, Kansas 763 nm
KBEC Wichita, Kansas KGRR Grand Rapids, Michigan 619 nm
KGRR Grand Rapids, Michigan KLUK Cincinnati, Ohio 232 nm
KLUK Cincinnati, Ohio KDCA Washington, D.C. 346 nm
KDCA Washington, D.C. KPDK Atlanta, Georgia (Peachtree) 461 nm
KPDK Atlanta, Georgia (Peachtree) KBFM Mobile, Alabama 273 nm
KBFM Mobile, Alabama KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida 376 nm
Total: 25,237 nm

*Please note, the route is subject to change due to weather and/or maintenance delays. Outreach events are planned in Kabul, Afghanistan but the Bonanza will not be flown into country due to the aircraft’s performance capabilities. The following cities, KLUK and KPDK are for fuel/tech stops.

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