Why Global Outreach?

Put most simply, because “you can’t be what you don’t see”. Girls grow up thinking that flight attendant is the only flying job open to them. Young women with resources may go to college, and may even choose a STEM major, but often divert to a non-STEM career because of the low numbers of  female STEM role models. If you are a girl without resources, college itself is a dream that seems out of reach. Dreams Soar aims to change this trajectory.


Expose the next generation to STEM & aviation careers via interactive events and fairs, discussion panels, inspiring stories, mentorship, and awareness of local resources.


Showcase a whole cadre of successful women in STEM and aviation, of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and paths taken to success via events and publications.


Provide the inflection point needed to drive identification (and unlocking!) of dreams, the critical step from believing only other “stronger” women can do it, to they can as well.


Introduce young women and girls, especially those limited by their means or environment, to a network of global resources to advance their desire for STEM education.

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