Soaring Newswire May 22, 2017

Soaring Newswire May 22, 2017

One Small Flight Leg For Shaesta… One Giant Leap For STEM
Columbus, Ohio, the first stop on the Dreams Soar global solo flight route, was an important stop for Shaesta as she has been highly inspired by Ohio’s very own Jerrie Mock – the first woman to fly solo around the world. Shaesta hopes to inspire other young women to pursue flight and become engaged in other STEM and aviation fields.

Hosted by our generous partners, Signature Flight Support CMH-Port Columbus Int’l Airport the outreach event on Sunday, May 14, proved to be a success! Joined with Shaesta were school students ages 6-18. Shaesta was invited to share her story, and attendees had the opportunity to learn about the first female pilot to solo around the world – Jerrie Mock, while witnessing a replica of her Cessna 180. Also involved was Nancy Roe Pimm (whom we featured in our ‘Tea-Time Tuesday‘ video series on Youtube), author of the children’s book – The Jerrie Mock Story and Wendy Hollinger, publisher of Jerrie Mock’s account of her flight – Three-Eight Charlie, and Jerrie’s sister Susan Reid.

The Women In Aviation, Spirit of Columbus Chapter was excited to place their National Flight Leg decal on the aircraft, see the photo below. As a departure treat for Shaesta, Fellowship of Airmen, Adrian Eichhorn and Adam Broom, who both flew around the world in their bonanzas, reconnected with Shaesta to send her off (formation flight style) to our next destination, Montreal!

Photo Credits: Tom McFadden

Goodbye USA…For Now!
On Monday, May 15, Shaesta landed in her first international destination of the route. Montreal, Canada, the second stop on the Dreams Soar journey, was another important destination for Shaesta as she joined our global partner, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and hosted the #STEMsoars event to inspire other children to pursue STEM and aviation. Shaesta visited Roslyn Elementary School, where she spoke to nearly 300 children, ages 10-12, introducing them to STEM and aviation, while also answering questions about her story, and the Dreams Soar mission. Check out this great coverage of our outreach event by CTV News here!
Although our global flight is planned, there is still room for incredible surprises along the way! Did you know a local Afghan family stopped by to meet Shaesta and wish her good luck on her global journey? Everyone at Stratos Aviation was so moved that they offered this family a full aviation experience: three F-16 and three 737 simulator experiences followed by a Montreal City Tour in their Cessna 172. Please share this story to help us locate this family so Dreams Soar may reconnect with them in the future!
Inspiration in Action
Meet Izz Hamdan! He had the opportunity to interact with Shaesta during the Montreal outreach activities. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“I had the great honor to meet with Shaesta Waiz during her stop in Montreal. As a student pilot, Shaesta’s journey really inspired me and motivated me to work harder towards my dream. Her determination to achieve this great success made me believe that with passion, persistence and hard work, nothing is impossible. Watching a single pilot doing a trip around the world in a single-engine aircraft encouraged me to go through a similar experience one day.”

Thank you Izz for participating in the Dreams Soar outreach event and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

Dreams Soar Flies High With Stratos Aviation
There are few flight schools in the world that can cater to a brand new student pilot to a career professional pilot. Stratos Aviation in Montreal, Canada offers services from aviation summer camps to advanced simulator lessons for the seasoned pilot. The team at Stratos Aviation serves everyone in the aviation community at a high level.
On behalf of the entire Dreams Soar team, we would like to generously thank Stratos Aviation for their efforts to support and advocate for the Dreams Soar mission. Stratos Aviation is dedicated to “Building the Pilots of Tomorrow” through educating and promoting the future generations of pilots. To honor their support of Dreams Soar and dedication to aviation, the CYUL to CYHZ flight leg has been named for Stratos Aviation.Thank you Stratos Aviation for making dreams soar!

Please note the routing change from St. John’s (CYYT) to Halifax (CYHZ).

“Over and Out” Sarasota Avionics
Communication is an essential part of a global solo flight. Thanks to Sarasota Avionics our pilot, Shaesta Waiz, is equipped with what she needs for communication on her trip around the world. Sarasota Avionics kindly donated a very important piece of the puzzle, a YAESU FTA-750L aviation radio. This handheld radio includes 66 channels for GPS navigation with special VOR and ILS receivers. It also has NOAA weather band monitoring with 200 memory channels for easy recall. And what better way to view all this information than a full dot matrix, icon driven LCD screen! Sarasota Avionics’ dedication to aviation and supporting the Dreams Soar mission is admirable and deserves the utmost appreciation.

Thank you for making dreams soar, Sarasota Avionics!

We would like to thank all of our donors for their commitment to our cause! Here’s what they had to say about Dreams Soar recently:

Ryan Barrett
“Dance in the skies for us all on laughter-silvered wings. I hope this journey by our intrepid hero Shaesta Waiz inspires the next generation.”

Bennett and Wendi Meyer
“Such an inspiration! Wishing Shaesta a safe journey.”

Kellie R. Rittenhouse
“Congratulations Dreams Soar Team! Thank you Shaesta and Happy Birthday Elizabeth Larson. Your efforts will have far reaching impact!”

Heather, Ed & Aaron Zunzunegui
“Best of luck on your journey! Around the world is only the beginning, enjoy the journey.”
In honor of Oscar Matos, from Godfather

Adrian Slootjes
“Well done and I hope to see you in Cairns.”

Thank you Dreams Soar board of directors and spouses for your ongoing generous charitable gifts!
Rose Marie Norman
Pete and Heather Schlichting
Lou & Christine Seno
Lyndse Costabile
Bruce & Peg Ganger
Dr. James Sulton 

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Thanks to our on-going partnership with MSK Concepts, not only can you ensure that we’re inspiring the next generation of STEM & aviation professionals through your generous donations, but now, you can also look the part!

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There’s no better time to inspire the next generation of STEM and aviation professionals. Invest in Dreams Soar today!
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