Soaring Newswire May 1, 2017

Soaring Newswire May 1, 2017

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New Website Donated by Partner Horsefly Group, Founded by a Woman Pilot

Following NBAA BACE 2016 early November, Dreams Soar joined forces with a woman-owned firm that focuses on advertising and digital marketing, a dynamic team serving industries ready to improve their marketing and multimedia footprint. Horsefly founder, Holly Davis, understands the need for more women in STEM and aviation fields. She is also a commercial-rated pilot, excited for our global outreach her and her team get a chance to deliver through our website and marketing platforms. Horsefly serves Dreams Soar across various mediums and most importantly, dedicating their time, team and efforts to rebranding Dreams Soar, while developing and launching a new website to better serve our cause and global mission. Check out our new website here!
Thank you Horsefly team for your ongoing support and serving our marketing needs. 
Join us in saying “Thank you!”:
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Welcome Jill Meyers to the Dreams Soar Advisory Council 

Jill has over 30 years of experience in the fields of aviation and aerospace. Her career started as a computer systems analyst in the U.S. Air Force, where she operated and maintained ground radar and data communication systems worldwide. Jill has held key positions at companies including Boeing, Raytheon and Eclipse Aviation. Platforms she has supported include the U.S, NATO, and U.K. Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft. Jill also has experience in the world of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and has supported military and civilian programs.

Jill has been passionate about aviation since she was a teenager and obtained her Private Pilot License at age 17. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Jill is a long-time member of Women in Aviation International (WAI) and has been President of the San Diego chapter since 2015. Jill also consults to several organizations working to encourage young girls to pursue STEM education and careers.
“As a pilot, aerospace engineer and STEM advisor, I’m passionate about Dreams Soar’s mission to inspire girls around the world.”
Read more about Jill here.

To see all of our Board and Advisors, click here!

We would like to thank Jill for helping us make dreams soar!

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Dreams Soar will officially launch on May 13, 2017 from Daytona Beach International Airport! We invite you to join us at this historic launch. Kindly RSVP by Wednesday, May 10. If you are bringing guests, family, etc., you will need to submit an RSVP for each person attending. (RSVP is required due to the nature of this event and host venue).
Invite A Friend!
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Women in Aviation Highlight: Beverly Beesemyer
During World War II, Beverly served at Merced Army Air Field and Las Vegas Army Air Field, towing targets to help train military pilots to use machine guns to attack enemy aircraft.  She flew the PT-13, AT-6, BT-13, and B-26 Marauder.

In March 2016, at “The Greatest Generation Meets The Next Generation: Women in Flight” event in Carlsbad, FlyGirls was happy to help Beverly cross something very important off her bucket list–flying in the AT-6!
Watch the video here!

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Follow The Dream Team’s Fundraising Efforts
Members of the Dream Team have set up fundraising pages that allow for peer to peer campaigning of our fundraising needs. Hear why they became a part of Dreams Soar, and we encourage you to take a look at a couple of their pages!
Nishant Chaudhary, Corporate Partnerships and Donor Relations
“Growing up, I saw that young girls were not given the same educational opportunities as boys. I joined Dreams Soar because I want to work to change that and ensure everyone has equal opportunity!”

Give to Nishant’s fundraising page here!

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Xylene Gonzalez, Risk Management and Emergency Planning
“Growing up, the only person I had pushing me to love math and science was my father. I am absolutely grateful for everything he taught me and helped me achieve BUT I feel that if I could have had a girl, a female, a woman inspiring me and pushing me to pursue careers I thought I couldn’t excel in or weren’t for me, I could have achieved even more! This is why I fully support Dreams Soar. Seeing not only Shaesta behind the yoke of the aircraft but also the amazing women on the board of directors as well as the dream team is so incredibly inspiring. Women can and ARE changing the way the world. I hope that Dreams Soar can inspire and empower you to continue to follow YOUR dreams!”

Give to Xylene’s fundraising page here!

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Welcome Linda Hall to the Dream Team
Linda Hall is a Virginia native who has an immense passion for aviation. Ever since she was a child she has had a knack for science and technology and feels that the Dreams Soar mission aligns perfectly with her values. She is currently a college freshman studying Aeronautical Science and hopes to be a corporate pilot in the near future. Linda serves our newsletter team as well as leads the strategy and implementation of Dreams Soar’s online fundraising program.

Welcome to the Dream Team Linda!THIS IS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE:
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We would like to thank all of our donors for their commitment to our cause! Here’s what they had to say about Dreams Soar recently:
Mark Calkins:
“Shaesta, I am already looking forward to the dreams and goals you will accomplish after this remarkable achievement. God bless!”Mr. Turner Hunt:
“I took my private pilot flight exam from Evelyn Bryan Johnson in Morristown, TN back in the 90’s. She sat on two phonebooks so she could see over the instrument panel.”In Honor of Evelyn Bryan Johnson, from her flight instructor

Thank you Dreams Soar board of directors and spouses for your ongoing generous charitable gifts!
Rose Marie Norman
Pete and Heather Schlichting
Lou & Christine Seno
Lyndse Costabile
Bruce & Peg Ganger
Dr. James Sulton 

Join us in saying “Thank you!”:
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Order Your Official Dreams Soar Apparel Today

Thanks to our on-going partnership with MSK Concepts, not only can you ensure that we’re inspiring the next generation of STEM & aviation professionals through your generous donations, but now, you can also look the part!

Show off your support of Dreams Soar in style by purchasing your very own Dreams Soar polo or jacket! Every purchase supports our mission! Thanks to the generosity of MSK Concepts, 15% of every purchase is donated to the global outreach mission.

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Host Your Own Outreach Event!
Fly Around the World with Shaesta and Be A Part of Aviation History!
When young people see someone like them who has succeeded in STEM and aviation, they can see themselves doing the same.  You can be a part of this historic flight and make a difference in your community!
Dreams Soar Global Flight Events can be tailored to your time, budget, and community.  We will help promote your efforts or organization throughout our media network.  You can create an event of your own or select from a number of ideas provided by Dreams Soar. Email us at for more information or to be connected with a local team in your area.
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Tell Us – What Inspired YOU?
Hey Dreams Soar fans and followers! We want to hear what inspired YOU to make YOUR dreams soar. Submit a picture and quick story and we will feature you on our social media and newsletter. Submit your story to

What Inspires You? Tell us.
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Want some inspiration?
Check out Always Brand’s #LikeAGirl campaign here!
Always #LikeAGirl - Unstoppable
Join Our #STEMsoars Movement – Show Off How Your Organization Uses STEM On The Job

Dreams Soar, Inc’s recently announced ‘#STEMsoars campaign’, is a new and exciting feature of our global outreach plan to showcase the stimulating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and aviation. In addition to exposing youth to these fields directly through Shaesta Waiz’s upcoming global solo flight, as a part of our global outreach events, we are launching a campaign inviting companies and organizations everywhere to show children globally, and to our many online followers, how pursuing STEM/aviation studies are relevant and exciting.We need YOUR help! We would like you to join our campaign by submitting a short video (pre-existing or exclusive to this campaign) showing off your products or services, where you discuss how STEM studies were a necessary part of your industry. We intend to display your amazing video on our upcoming campaign web page to coincide with the launch, and even more excitingly, as a part of Shaesta’s keynote speech at the 18 global outreach events. This would be a great publicity opportunity for your organization.

Find out more details about the campaign here, or email your questions to our media producer, Michael Wildes, at

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Patty Wagstaff Video Series
Want to get the inside scoop on our adventures at Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School? Then check out our video series where we cover everything from Patty’s adventures in Kenya to what she has to say about inspiring the next generation. Check out the exclusive video series here!

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Your Investment in Dreams Soar Helps to Inspire the Next Generation

With the global solo flight less than a month away, we need all the support we can get! Your donations will make a difference in the lives of 22,000 young children worldwide. Help us inspire the next generation. Invest in Dreams Soar today!

Tell your friends!
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