Soaring Newswire June 26, 2017

Soaring Newswire June 26, 2017

U.K. Offers Warm Welcome to Shaesta and Dreams Soar, June 19-22
Dreams were soaring in the United Kingdom last week! Shaesta visited the Paddington Academy school in London where 200 students, 180 of whom were aged 12-13 and the remainder aged 11-18 with specific interests in STEM and aviation, listened to a presentation by Shaesta where she was able to share her story and the Dreams Soar mission. She also visited London’s Oakington primary school, where the entire school of 450 children gathered to hear her speak about the importance of STEM. Upon her arrival, the entire student body sang “I Believe I Can Fly!” She also visited two elementary schools in Hertforshire, Wareside Church of England Primary School and Mill Mead Primary. The Head Teacher of Wareside Primary school is Kanchana Gamage, who is also the founder of the Aviatrix Project!

Dreams Soar would also like to recognize our wonderful lead outreach coordinators in the U.K.! Rosalind Azouzi, Head of Skills and Careers of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Kirsten Riensema, Air Navigation Commissioner and ICAO U.K. Alternate Representative, along with Kanchana Gamage, have spearheaded the outreach efforts in the United Kingdom. Dreams Soar would like to thank these wonderful ladies for their dedication and patience for the Dreams Soar mission.

Thank you for making Dreams Soar!

Global Maintenance Partner Hosts Lunch in Farnborough, England
While in the U.K., Shaesta also attended a corporate outreach event facilitated by Jet Support Services’ (JSSI) Farnborough office. We were honored to host Shaesta at our Farnborough office during her stopover in the UK,” commented Oliver Newton, Client Relationship Manager at JSSI. “We were fortunate to share a fantastic lunch with her and hear more about Shaesta’s incredible global adventure so far.”

JSSI has been the backbone of maintenance support for Dreams Soar since the bonanza was acquired in early 2016! The JSSI team continues doing a fantastic job remaining flexible and accommodating for the aircraft’s ever-changing needs. George Kleros, JSSI’s Sr. VP, Strategic Management & Fleet Support, is a key member of the Dreams Soar team seeing the day the day activity as the bonanza advances east, having oversight of our global maintenance efforts and aircraft performance.

JSSI continued to express their excitement after meeting Shaesta, some for the first time! “She is a truly inspiring person and the outreach activities planned for the weeks ahead are clearly going to have a life-changing impact on many young minds around the world. We wish Shaesta all the very best for the rest of her trip. The whole JSSI team, not just our technical support team, will be closely following the rest of her amazing journey,” Newton exclaimed.

We would like to thank JSSI for their constant support of the Dreams Soar mission! 

Marvelous Women in STEM Feature in Honor of our U.K. Partners
Josefa Masego Gallego is a Spanish astrophysicists and astronomer. She began her studies at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Granada in 1981 and she continued her studies at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. Her passion for women in science led her to become the representative of the Women and Science Commission of the Commission of the Area of Science and Technology Physics (CSIC) and she has also completed six research projects funded by the National Plan. Thank you Josefa Masego Gallego for breaking barriers for women in STEM!
2017 Florida Aviation Business Association (FABA) Annual Conference Features Dreams Soar
The 2017 FABA Annual Conference and Trade Show was held June 18-20 at the Don CeSar Resort in St. Petersburg, Fla. FABA brought together the leaders of the Florida aviation community at this wonderful event, channeling what it truly means to combine passion and work. FABA has proudly supported Dreams Soar over the past few years and although Shaesta was not able to attend the conference, Dreams Soar would like to share this video thanking FABA for all of their support and dedication. We are grateful FABA featured this video for all conference attendees to enjoy!
Aim High With Aviastec
Dreams Soar would like to thank Santiago Rodriguez, Managing Director, and the entire Aviastec team for supporting the needs of the aircraft during the duration of Shaesta’s stay in Madrid. Aviastec graciously supported housing our bonanza. As well, Santiago and his team conducted scheduled maintenance on the aircraft, extending their generosity in-kind as a maintenance partner to the program. Here’s why the Aviastec team supports Dreams Soar:

“We are thrilled and honored to be a part of this adventure and look forward to seeing positive results within this industry, thanks to all the people that made this happen.”

Thank you Aviastec for making Dreams Soar!

Inspiration Abound – Friendships Soar Globally 
Dreams Soar would like to thank Gonzalo Hurtado for his phenomenal efforts in assisting the outreach program in the U.K. last week. Gonzalo has been a longtime friend of Dreams Soar since its inception while residing in the Daytona Beach, Florida area, prior to relocation to London. Gonzalo first became passionate about flight at the age of 12 under the guidance of his first glider instructor, Paloma. She unfortunately passed away after Gonzalo received his private pilot certificate, however, supporting Dreams Soar is his way of honoring her legacy. Here’s why Gonzalo supports Dreams Soar:

“I support Dreams Soar with my persistent belief that a world will exist where women can be treated as equals everywhere. I want my future wife, daughters, and granddaughters to dream big and make the world a better place.”

Thank you Gonzalo for supporting Dreams Soar!

Daily Dose of STEM
On 21 June, 2017, the free summer project series “Maker Camp” started in conjunction with the National Week of Making. This camp allowed youth who are inspired by DIY projects, hacking, crafting and more to come together and create things of their own desires. This event focused on STEM and STEAM (a collaboration of art and science). Check it out here!
Did You Know? U.K. Facts
The U.K. ranks 15th in the world for energy production!

The aerospace industry of the U.K. is the second largest national aerospace industry in the world and has an annual turnover of around £30 billion!

Between 2004 and 2008 the U.K. produced 7% of the world’s scientific research papers and has an 8% share of scientific citations!

Looking Back: Madrid
Take a look at this wonderful presentation Shaesta Waiz gave on June 14 in Madrid, Spain! She was invited by the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid, to discuss Dream Soar’s global initiative to promote STEM & aviation through her global solo flight. She shares some great stories, and we love how attentive the students were! Check it out here!

Dreams Soar would also like to recognize Almudena Alvaro Moreno, Pedro Guillen Marina, and Jose Ramon Buzon with the General Civil Aviation Authority of Madrid for supporting a successful outreach program in Madrid, Spain.

Thank you for making dreams soar!

We would like to thank all of our donors for their commitment to our cause! Here’s what they had to say about Dreams Soar recently:

Mary Sobzack
“In Memory of Anne Edmonson, from Friend.”

Marcia Gitelman
“I believe in supporting STEM and courageous women who fly.”

Richard Thacker
 “In honor of all who have pioneered the way before us and to those like Shaesta who continue that tradition. Dare to dream!”

Tommy Kimes
“In Memory of Virginia Hanic, from student pilot.”

Thank you Dreams Soar board of directors and spouses for your ongoing generous charitable gifts!
Rose Marie Norman
Pete and Heather Schlichting
Lou & Christine Seno
Lyndse Costabile
Bruce & Peg Ganger
Dr. James Sulton 

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