Soaring Newswire June 19, 2017

Soaring Newswire June 19, 2017

Making Dreams Soar in Madrid
Dreams Soar is excited to continue the global outreach program in Europe, starting with Madrid, Spain!

On June 14, Shaesta was welcomed to a forum in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Museum of Madrid by Spanish Colonel Ayuso, one of the senior members at the museum. During the session, Shaesta was able to share her powerful and enriching message with almost 60 children, aged 12. Afterwards, Shaesta had the chance to spend a guided visit at the museum with several soldiers, who kindly explained the history and facts of Spanish aviation history and the museum. Shaesta spent the afternoon in a forum at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid speaking with aviation management students and fellow female pilots! On June 15, Shaesta went to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and met with the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Raúl Medina, interviewed with Fomento Magazine and the Spanish Guild of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC) Magazine. She went to the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency to meet with “Balance for AESA,” a team that aims to empower women to pursue aviation and discuss ways to highlight women in this career field. Following this visit, Shaesta engaged with young student pilots at Madrid Cuatro Vientos Airport. Lastly, on June 16, Shaesta visited Escuelas Aguirre School and met with the Aviadoras, a group of female pilots from the Spanish Pilot Association.

See more pictures from Madrid here!


El País Recognizes Dreams Soar
Dreams Soar was featured in El País, the highest-circulated daily newspaper in Spain, during the Madrid STEM and aviation outreach events! Dreams Soar is honored to have our mission highlighted on such a popular platform. Check out the article here!
Satcom Direct Answers the Call to Inspire Next Generation
Dreams Soar would like to thank Satcom Direct (SD) for shipping two satellite phones supporting the global solo flight! Satcom Direct is a provider of world-class global communications services, support, and technology to the aviation industry. Since 1997, SD has worked to advance the technology of connectivity and has developed innovative solutions for the cabin and flight deck. Their technologies provide an integrated connectivity platform like nothing else in the industry. As a provider of reliable satellite communication products and services, the satellite phones and airtime supplied to Dreams Soar will help ensure Shaesta stays connected to a worldwide mobile communications network and stays in touch throughout her entire journey. The satellite phones will enable Shaesta to use voice and text messaging, as well as email and online tracking. Here’s why SD supports Dreams Soar:

“We hope that our partnership will help Shaesta share her adventures and continue to inspire women and girls to become aviators and dream bigger as she soars around the world.” – Jim Jensen, Satcom Direct Founder and Chairman.

Thank you Satcom Direct for making dreams soar!

Dreams Will Soar in the U.K. 
When unexpected opportunities arise that fit our mission, Dreams Soar is grateful that we can count on our donors to support all of our mission-critical endeavors. Shaesta’s travel to the U.K. will be covered by longtime friend and donor, Dan Bull. Here’s why Dan supports Dreams Soar:

“Shaesta and the Dreams Soar mission is a triumph for our generation. Shaesta personifies the potential that a STEM career can provide. She is demonstrating that regardless of background, sex, ethnicity, or religion, we all have dreams and they are achievable with determination and hard work, regardless of how crazy they may be. I believe the work she is doing as an advocate for women in STEM is phenomenal. I am grateful that her mission delivers such a strong message, which in turn motivates and empowers us all to reach for the stars! She is my friend, my hero, and I am honored to support her mission!”

Thank you Dan for making dreams soar!

“IT Doctor” in the House – Tech Expert & Consultant to Dreams Soar
Dreams Soar would like to welcome aboard, Adam Krause from E3 Federal Solutions, to our Advisory Council! As our official IT Consultant and tech expert, Adam is already facilitating best practices and technical transitions for our entire team and operations. These necessary technical surgeries, thanks to our “IT Doctor,” provide user friendly and secure platform solutions to increase productivity of our 35 members, and growing! Here’s why Adam supports Dreams Soar:

“I welcome this opportunity to support Dreams Soar. Encouraging young girls throughout the world to explore and master STEM skills is a tremendous undertaking. I’m proud to be part of this team.”

Thank you Adam for making dreams soar! We look forward to learning so much from your expertise.

Lifelines on a Mission, Elevate Support
Dreams Soar would like to thank Andrea Luethi for ensuring Shaesta will have hotel reservations along the global route. For the past year, Andrea has been our “behind-the-scenes” travel lifeline, even on a moment’s notice. Here’s why Andrea supports Dreams Soar:

“I first met Shaesta when she was a student on her 4th training flight. She was driven and ambitious then, already determined to pursue her dreams. I witnessed her first introduction to stalls and ‘turns around a point’ under challenging wind conditions and her skills left an impression. Years later, I can look up to her eagerness, selflessness, and passion to inspire others along her way. Instead of turns around a point, Shaesta now crosses oceans and borders to inspire the next generation.

Up into the sky and far across seas – it is your dreams and memories that make the adventure of a lifetime. Believe in yourself and you will make dreams come true.”

Thank you Andrea for making dreams soar!

Daily Dose of STEM
Women in STEM careers are game changers at best! This past month, around 250 middle school and high school girls competed at the Minneapolis Convention Center to participate at the 4th annual Technovation Appapalooza: Inspiring STEM Careers in Mn Girls. This event allowed girls to work in teams and present an app that they created themselves. The top eight teams will be heading to the semi-finals this August in San Francisco! Great job girls!
Did You Know? Madrid (LECU) Airport Facts
Dreams Soaring Faster Than A New York Minute
Thank you New York Minute Magazine for featuring Dreams Soar founder and pilot, Shaesta Waiz, in their article here!
Hospitality Donor Looks Ahead
Dreams Soar extends gratitude to Kelly Copeland for generously donating hotel needs for a stop on the return to Daytona Beach, Fla. Kelly is a senior program manager in the aerospace industry where some of her greatest joy comes from working with and mentoring young engineers.  Kelly is following Shaesta’s flight from San Diego, Calif. where she lives with her husband, Doug, cat named Tupac, and sticks her toes in the Pacific Ocean as often as possible.

Thank you Kelly for making dreams soar!

We would like to thank all of our donors for their commitment to our cause! Here’s what they had to say about Dreams Soar recently:

Mr. Lynn Cortner
“I hope that my granddaughters will watch and learn from Shaesta’s flight.”

Eric Campanella
“This was donated on behalf of the amazing Jill Meyers, who is Shaesta’s lifeline and an incredible inspiration in her own right.”

Andrew Anderson
” It is inspirational to see this initiative, promoting women in aviation, and more widely, awareness and participation in STEM.”

Mr. Hassam Ali Tariq
“All the best! From one great aviator to another!”
In Honor of Tariq Mahmud Ashraf, from Father

Thank you Dreams Soar board of directors and spouses for your ongoing generous charitable gifts!
Rose Marie Norman
Pete and Heather Schlichting
Lou & Christine Seno
Lyndse Costabile
Bruce & Peg Ganger
Dr. James Sulton 

Order Your Official Dreams SoarApparel Today!
Thanks to our on-going partnership with MSK Concepts, not only can you ensure that we’re inspiring the next generation of STEM & aviation professionals through your generous donations, but now, you can also look the part!

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