Afghan-American Pilot Meets Kabul Students

Afghan-American Pilot Meets Kabul Students

Shaesta Waiz, an Afghan-American pilot who landed in Kabul on Monday during a round-the-world solo flight met with a number of school girls in Kabul on Wednesday.

Waiz said Afghan women had suffered substantially over the years but now have a golden opportunity to use resources on hand to utilize their potential.

She also called on Afghan women and girls to fight for their rights in society.

Throughout her journey so far, Waiz has met with thousands of women and girls and encouraged them to follow their dreams through hard work and perseverance.

On Tuesday, she was bestowed the Ambassador of Peace title at an event organized by government.

“If you had the opportunity to become a pilot, I know that all of you would go (to school) and study. I know that everyone will be doing great things,” Waiz said at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the head of Kabul’s Education Department said Shaesta was a role model for Afghan girls.

“The arrival of Shaesta Waiz in Afghanistan is giving hope for the young generation in the country. Her decision to build a school here is worth appreciation,” said Sayed Mansour, director of Kabul Education Department of the Ministry of Education.

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