In-Kind Needs

Do you have products or services to help us accomplish our mission to inspire women to consider careers aviation and STEM?


Fuel, insurance, aircraft lease, flight planning, marketing, avionics, flight gear… many hands will make light work.

Fueling & Third-Party Fees

Along the global flight, to 30 stops in 18 countries, the highest priority needs are fueling and third-party fees in those airports and FBOs when Shaesta arrives. You can help ‘Fuel the Mission’ with in-kind support of fuel, waiving ramp, parking and hangar fees, as well as any airport fees assessed. Please contact our flight planning lead, Jennifer Merckel, for more information and interest.

Avionics & A/C Performance

Obtaining the most updated avionics, communication capabilities and aircraft performance features will improve the global solo flight safety and experience. These upgrades allow Shaesta to focus more on her flying and ensuring reduced fatigue, maximizing her impact at outreach events along the route path. Please contact aircraft maintenance & operations lead, Mike Shekari.

Survival Gear

Securing the right survival gear for Shaesta’s safety and survival is absolutely essential. From life rafts, to flight suits and oxygen equipment, we invite you to become a key player in her ensuring her safety on this amazing solo journey around the world. Please contact the Dreams Soar aircraft maintenance and operations lead, Mike Shekari, for more information and interest.

Media & Production Equipment

Each day, the media producer for Dreams Soar uses his creativity to launch video series and features to support the growing need for visual interactions with our fans, followers, partners and supporters. Nearly $7,000 in equipment is needed to secure necessary production/video gear. Please contact media producer, Michael Wildes, for more information and interest.

Professional Services

As Dreams Soar grows, so are our needs for professional services such as marketing, accounting, and bookkeeping, among other talented ‘staff’ duties. We would appreciate professionals in their fields to come aboard the all-volunteer team with Dreams Soar and experience good will, each day! Please contact Dreams Soar administrator, Nicole Nix, for more information and interest.

Global Flight Planning & Tracking

Planning a global flight to 18 countries takes immense time, effort and a dedicated team for risk assessment, and flight plan revisions for weather and unscheduled maintenance. Dreams Soar invites participation from those who can offer flight planning and tracking support to align with our flight planning partners, HADID. Please contact our flight planning lead, Jennifer Merckel.

Global Hotel & Transportation

Shaesta’s rest and security across the 30 destinations on the global solo flight route is critical to this mission. Hotel accommodations ensure she has adequate rest, relaxation, safety and a mental escape, before departing for the next stop. You can help by donating your reward points, booking Shaesta’s stay in areas you wish to participate, and securing transport to and from outreach events/airport. Please contact chair, board of directors, Lyndse Costabile.

A/C Maintenance & Operations

Aircraft maintenance, for any nonprofit operating on a shoestring, is expensive. While some cannot offer cash support, in-kind maintenance services is incredibly helpful. From the annual inspection, to 50-hour inspections, aircraft equipment needed such as spark plugs, mags and filters, your efforts to donate such services does not go unnoticed. Help ease the burden of maintenance costs and be recognized for your generosity! Please contact Mike Shekari.

Cameras to Capture Global Journey

How will we document this unique, once-in-a-lifetime outreach experience? It is a must we have at least four cameras mounted on the aircraft strategically capturing every angle, every moment of the global flight, as well as Shaesta’s arrivals and departures in each country and destination. Be a part of the excitement to capture this milestone effort. Please contact media producer, Michael Wildes, for more information and interest.

Do you have products or services to help us accomplish our mission to inspire women to consider careers aviation and STEM?