Board and Advisors

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Nobody was going to tell me I couldn’t do it because I was a woman.

Jerrie Mock

Dreams Soar Guardian and Mentor

The late Jerrie Mock, the first woman to fly solo around the world, provided a wealth of inspiration for Shaesta and her journey. They spoke on the phone frequently, especially on flight planning. Shaesta plans to honor Jerrie by making her hometown of Columbus, Ohio the first stop on her solo global flight. Flight leg, KDAB to KCMH is named in honor of Jerry Mock, supported by the Florida Aviation Business Association (FABA).

Read more about this unforgettable woman and her contributions to aviation.


These busy professionals have made an enormous and heartfelt commitment to Dreams Soar’s success.


Participating with Dreams Soar allows me to support and promote a just cause while witnessing an industry uniting for our next generation, globally.

Lyndse Costabile

Board of Directors, Chair
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While a number of earth rounders’ have gone before Shaesta, few have done it where the flight itself is only the start of such an all-important mission.

Lou C. Seno

Board of Directors
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I’m proud to see this dream become a reality for DSI and the thousands of young people who will benefit.

Bruce E. Ganger

Board of Directors
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The Dream of flight or reaching your potential in STEM should be a possibility for anyone. Somebody believed in me. I want to do the same for the next generation to Soar.

Rose Marie Norman

Board of Directors
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One of my greatest joys as a longtime PR professional is to use that experience to help nonprofits like Dreams Soar achieve marketing goals.

Heather Wright Schlichting

Board of Directors
Dreams Soar_James-Sulton-2-819×819

I serve on the board for DSI because of our commitment to inspire young women and girls to pursue their dreams!

James Sulton

Board of Directors
Dreams Soar_aysha-al-hamili_681x681

Shaesta energizes and inspires every soul she touches. She is a reminder to those who are in aviation why they fell in love with this fascinating world.

Captain Aysha Al Hamili

Advisory Council Member
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Shaesta is not only a trailblazer in aviation, but inspires and touches the hearts of those who have the privilege of working with her.

Veronica Carpio

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Bridget Cox

STEM is the future. It is so important that we inspire and encourage young women to pursue these careers so they can break barriers and become leaders in these fields!

Bridget Cox

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Joey Fazzino_600x600

As an advocate for individuals to pursue their dreams to the fullest I am proud to support Shaesta and DSI's mission through aviation.

Joey Fazzino

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Nancy Graham_209x320

Aviation and Aerospace has been a remarkable career for me, and will help define the the future of humanity. Dreams Soar reminds that the future is open to everyone!

Nancy Graham

Advisory Council Member
Dreams-Soar_Adam-Krause 800×800

Encouraging young girls worldwide to explore and master STEM skills is a tremendous undertaking. I’m proud to be part of this team

Adam Krause

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_elizabeth-larson_715x715

It takes a village to make a dream soar. I am passionate about supporting DSI and helping spread the message of STEM education globally.

Elizabeth Larson

Advisory Council Member, Lead
Dreams Soar_Jill Meyers_262x262

As a pilot, aerospace engineer and STEM advisor, I'm passionate about Dreams Soar’s mission to inspire girls around the world.

Jill Meyers

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_captain-judy-rice 503×503

Growing our future is vital for aviation, and Shaesta’s passion and determination represents what it takes to accomplish a dream. I'm proud to support Dreams Soar!

Judith A. Rice

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Sherry Rosenkranz 400×400

``Support. Teach. Empower. Move forward. I joined Dreams Soar because the most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.``

Sherry Rosenkranz

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Rachelle Spector_400x400

It's important for us to come together as women to help encourage, inspire, educate and mentor other young women, to help their dreams soar!

Rachelle Spector

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Lisa Spencer 498×498

The DSI platform can change the lives of girls by demonstrating what can be achieved when focus is on goals and not circumstances.

Lisa Anderson-Spencer

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_patty-wagstaff 754×754

As a girl I was told women didn't become pilots. While that has improved, it's clearly still important to inspire the next generation of female pilots.

Patty Wagstaff

Advisory Council Member
Dreams Soar_Nicole Nix_400x400

I'm excited to be part of an organization, and a generation, that builds up and empowers young women, telling them they CAN!

Nicole Nix

Dreams Soar Administrator